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     Having worked in the retail finance arena for some 20 yrs, I learned a few things about the business.  When the finance department was added to the dealerships, it was primarily for streamlining the paper work flow to make things ready for the title work, and proper registration.  Then they added a few products to sell, like service contracts, credit life, etc. That was ok, and I realize all businesses have to make a profit. HOWEVER! Now this practice has gotten OUT OF HAND! Now they all want to " get to the next level ".  Seems they can never please the Owners or the General managers. The department managers can NEVER make enough profit, so they have to make more and more off of you...this is where I draw the line.

Buyers beware...if you are planning on buying a car from a dealer, an individual, or even if you already have, you might need to be armed with some very important information. I think its time for you to take more control of your car deal.  This is your business NOT their's! I'm talking about Pre-finance or Post- vehicle finance.



    So, if you're going to shop for a vehicle or motorcycle, be prepared. Get informed. Know your credit score.  You can go to among others. Know your Transunion & your Equifax score.  I would suggest you get pre-approved for an amount you think you will need to finance the vehicle, all fees & state taxes. You can click one of the links on this page & it will take you to our lenders and be pre-approved to just walk in & pay for your vehicle. (We're talking PRE-DEALER VISIT).  My folks can handle all your paperwork, arrange the financing & will actually look for your lowest rate. They will also ask you if you would like other products, but will completely disclose everything & make sure you understand the complete transaction.  To apply over the phone just call 877-523-8244 Tell them Money WuRx sent ya...

    If you're like me I'm fed up with being taken advantage of & over charged every time I turn around. I know what to look for, so you can contact me if you like & we'll talk.

There's also Re-finance. It might have been yesterday or a couple of years ago. You might need to look at refinancing. Rate too high? Term too long? Might need to cancel some things you didn't know you bought! Might have a better job, your credit score might have improved. There are many reasons you'll want to consider. Hey, I can help you move forward. Just drop me an email or you can call at this time. If you leave a message I'll get back to you.  Or you can apply now just click $$ Here $$  if your credit is around 600 or above.....Click    $$ Here $$ if 485 or above, or for motorcycle loan.

Our lenders offer: Finance, Re-finance, Lease Buy-outs, for Autos and Motorcycles, even Private party loans.

Ask for Dave or send an email to

Also: DO NOT lease a vehicle! This is only good for the dealer NOT you.  Don't take my word for it,

check out some of these references: Consumer Reports, Consumer Federation of America, Dave Ramsey, Edmunds,,,jalopnik, google it you'll find out. 

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