Life Settlements


.This product has really come  to the forefront of the financial services market in recent years.  It is allowing a very important option to life insurance policy owners, to be able to sell an unneeded life policy for more than the cash  surrender value and less than face value.  This can provide a very lucrative exit strategy for the policy holder to exercise before their policies expire or terminates.   Below are just a few examples ...

I'm *Recouping term premiums:  A policy owner who no longer needs a term policy can use a life settlement to eliminate future premiums and recoup a portion of their overall premium outlay.

       * Restructure cash flow: a policy owner with limited cash can use the proceeds from a life settlement to fund immediate needs while eliminating future premium payments.

        * A policy owner might rather wish to concentrate on other protection, such as long term care, or other retirement options. 

        * Another option is simply the desire to CASH OUT !!! and use for other purposes, ie, college funds, vacations, home improvements, relocations, or simply pay off debts. 

***** These are just a few options,  the typical life agent WILL NOT usually  offer these options to his current  policy holders. 

Please allow us a conversation to offer this wonderful option to you. 

Just contact us, we'll get some information,  and offer  you an alternative. 

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