We have answers to your business cash flow problems!!! (TODAY) 

Our mission:  Is to help you with your business cash flow.  We have over 25 years of experience. We CAN help, and our services are free to you. Oh, and NO pressure !!!!

We can accommodate monthly revenue from $ 20,000 to 20 million PER MONTH !!!


  • Asset Based Lending vs Equity Based Funding

  • Business Flow & Receivables Management

  • Venture Capital Investors (I will explain the 5 stages of growth) Upon request to moneywurx@gmail.com

  • Life Settlements  (You can cash in on your outdated, or paid up policies.  FOR CASH NOW!!!

Here are just some examples:

We use little known remedies to solve MAJOR financial problems. We’ve learned these the hard way, by experience.

We don’t charge for our services & don’t have anything to sell, so there’s NO pressure.. However, if you use our partners for assistance, they will accommodate us with a referral. These are trusted people that have proven excellent service over the years & we are proud for them to be on our list.  You don't have to "go-it" alone. 

ps: I am retired, I don't have to sell anything, but I know how hard it is to keep your business running.  YOU have to contact me, before I can help..

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