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Have you ever been taken advantage of concerning your money? We're here to help!

Our mission: to expose rip-off strategies that markets use to separate you from your money



  • Auto Dealer Finance & Leasing

  • Life Insurance

  • Home Mortgage Protection

  • For Businesses: Asset Based Lending vs. Equity Funding 

  • Workers Compensation Strategies

  • Business Flow & Receivables Management

  • Venture Capital Investors ( I will explain the 5 stages of growth)

Here are just some examples:

We use little known remedies to solve MAJOR financial problems. We’ve learned these the hard way, by experience.

We don’t charge for our services & don’t have anything to sell, so there’s NO pressure.. However, if you use our partners for assistance, they will accommodate us with a referral. These are trusted people that have proven excellent service over the years & we are proud for them to be on our list.